I consider teaching to be among the most rewarding work that I do. I currently hold a Graduate Fellowship for Teaching Excellence, and I recently received a 2019 Dean’s Award for Distinguished Teaching. This award “seeks to recognize teaching that is intellectually rigorous, exceptionally coherent, and that has considerable impact upon students.”

To date, I have either taught or assisted with teaching the following courses:

PHIL 001: Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 002: Introduction to Ethics
PHIL 003: History of Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 008: The Social Contract
PHIL 030: Democracy and the Power of Rhetoric
PHIL 072: Biomedical Ethics
PHIL 211: Ancient Moral Philosophy
PHIL 277: Justice, Law and Morality

I would be excited to teach all of these courses in the future, as well as additional courses in the history of philosophy, ethics, logic, and political philosophy. A complete teaching portfolio (including syllabi and course evaluations) is available upon request.

In addition to my formal teaching, I have also organized and run a number of teaching-related workshops in my capacity as a fellow for teaching excellence, and in connection with the American Association of Philosophy Teachers:

Karen Detlefsen: Teaching Philosophy to Pre-College Students
Susan Sauvé Meyer: Designing and Teaching an Online Course
Brian Reese: Establishing Clear Expectations for Written Work
Errol Lord: Using Office Hours Effectively
Bryan Van Norden: Teaching (and Learning From) Chinese Philosophy
Brian Reese: Engaging with the Community in Your Future Teaching
Lisa Miracchi: Wellness Advising
Michael Weisberg: Media in the Classroom
Daniel Singer: Effective Lecturing

I have also been working with Karen Detlefsen for the past two years on a community engagement pilot program aimed at outreach for at-risk and underserved children. This initiative is now part of Penn’s Project for Philosophy for the Young. I currently lead a team at the (Title 1) Benjamin B. Comegys School in West Philadelphia, where we discuss philosophical issues with middle-school students, developing a curriculum that will eventually be implemented at other schools throughout the district.