I’m currently a Visiting Assistant Professor in the philosophy department at the University of Nebraska. I completed my doctoral work at the University of Pennsylvania, my masters work at the University of Oxford, and my undergraduate work at the University of Michigan. Before undertaking graduate study, I worked for three years as an assistant editor at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Some of my editorial training is now being put to use at the Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie, where I serve as the assistant managing editor for North America.

My research interests span the major areas of Ancient Greek and Roman philosophy. This includes Plato, Aristotle, and various Hellenistic schools. I take it that many of the arguments, distinctions, and concepts deployed by thinkers in these periods are good ones that remain relevant and useful to philosophers today. I also have longstanding interests in political philosophy and contemporary ethics.

When I’m not thinking about philosophy, I enjoy playing chess and spending time with my family. I also visit museums from time to time, in a desperate attempt to convince myself that I still know something about art.